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Click here to read about Chris' experience with TMJ.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Martin Crombie at The Healthy Smile Center for almost 5 years. I am very satisfied with Dr. Crombie and The Healthy Smile Center- everyone is great. I have a bottom full plate made several years ago. I was having trouble getting used to it as it would move/ come loose. After some discussion with Dr. Crombie, I decided to have the mini dental implants installed. What a life changer!! The plate stays in place and works as good as regular teeth for me. I can bite just about anything! The mini implants are wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone. Believe me when I say it is worth it. Thanks for reading this and thanks again to Dr. Crombie and The Healthy Smile Center for restoring my smile and confidence."

"After using another facility for a couple of years, because of insurance reasons, I decided to return to The Healthy Smile Center. I was greeted like a family member returning after a long time away. I immediately felt comfortable and welcome. Everyone is so kind and helpful. I am so glad to have made this decision. As for the insurance matter, the plan you offer is much better."

BJ Leers

"When I came to The Healthy Smile Center last December, I suffered from morning headaches, no energy, nights with no or very little sleep for myself, and disturbed nights for my husband because I snored and choked when I did sleep.I had been tested and diagnosed with sleep apnea, but I could not understand why since I thought this was usually connected to medical problems.My referring physician and I needed more answers before deciding on treatment.Dr. Debra Balogh-Crombie and her professional staff were able to determine the reasons why I suffered from sleep apnea and that I also suffered from TMJ disorder, which I was told was a problem occurring sometime with sleep apnea patients but often goes undiagnosed without the proper tests.

Dr. Balogh-Crombie was able to fit me with a simple dental device that I wore during the day until the TMJ problem was corrected.They also fitted me with the nighttime dental device that allowed me to sleep and rise in the morning without headaches and my energy restored.

I will always be grateful to Dr. Balogh-Crombie and The Healthy Smile Center's professional staff for giving me my quality-of-life back."

Joyce Callender

"At the recommendation of my chiropractor, I inquired about evaluation for TMJ from Dr. Debra Balough-Crombie. Prior to receiving treatment for TMJ, I suffered daily with tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and frequent migraines. Dr. Debra performed thorough evaluative x-rays, and measurements to determine the extent of my disorder and the appropriate course of treatment. Within weeks of receiving my orthotic appliances, my quality of life began to change. The headaches were becoming less frequent and I was working from a good night rest. It has been 2 years since I received initial treatment. I still wear my nighttime appliance to prevent teeth clenching and my daytime appliance as needed during stressful periods, but undoubtedly the TMJ treatment I received has improved my quality of life forever. The daily headaches are gone and I get a full night rest. Thank you to the professional and caring staff at The Healthy Smile Center!”

Denise Didonato

"GONE! Gone are my dead front teeth, my recessed lateral incisor, and my many fillings! This dramatic change came about because I inquired about whitening. I now have five crowns and one veneer. I am thrilled with my new smile and my much whiter teeth. Dr. Hoza and his team have been wonderful each step of the way. I never dreamed this change could ever happen. Each step was carefully explained and Dr. Hoza made sure I was at ease all the time. I am glad I had this opportunity. I am so pleased with the result!"


"I started going to Dr. Hoza's office after my mother and son said how much they enjoyed their dentist and staff at the Healthy Smile Center. They certainly were right!! I have been going for almost 5 years now and have never experienced anything painful or uncomfortable. Using some of the technology and Dr. Hoza's caring chair side manners and expertise, make every visit a pleasant one for the patient. Please read on to see the wonderful transformation Dr. Hoza did for my husband."

Pam Romine

"It took a few months and procedures to accomplish the final product, but Dr. Hoza created a great smile for me. When he held up the mirror and I looked at the temporaries he had in place, I felt like I was in an extreme makeover. I sure smile a lot more now as well. My experience through the entire process was a good one with Dr. Hoza best care of their teeth and a pleasant atmosphere."

Ron Romine

"I always knew I snored, but I never thought I would have sleep apnea – I didn’t even know what it was. Thanks to Dr. Debra’s thorough screening, she recommended a sleep study to get checked. Wow – I found out I do have sleep apnea. Dr. Debra and her team were very thorough in their procedures and they evaluated me to see if I would be a candidate for a sleep appliance. My results showed I was a candidate and they made me a very comfortable appliance. As soon as I started wearing it, I noticed how much better I felt in the morning. I have never felt more rested or have slept so well. I am extremely pleased I have so much more energy and feel so good! To know that for all those years I thought feeling tired was just because I was getting older – I could have felt this good long ago.

I am extremely pleased with my sleep appliance and grateful to Dr. Debra and her team for their thoroughness. I tell everyone about this – it was so simple to feel so good."

Laura B.

"Since I have had my sleep appliance, I quickly noticed how much better I feel when I wake up in the morning. I have more energy during the day and I rarely need afternoon naps. I feel good to have a good night’s sleep and not have to wear a big breathing machine (CPAP) – the appliance is very comfortable!"

Dave W.

Had a complete dental workover (by Dr. D).  Feel like a million bucks.  Haven't smiled like this in years.  Getting attention from the opposite sex.  Wonder if teeth had anything to do with this? OH YAH.  Wish I had done this years ago.  Thanks to all who had a hand in this.  Am very grateful.  Best thing I've ever done.


Dear Dr. (Debra) Crombie,
Thank you for making my journey (for a much pleasanter treatment for sleep apnea) a pleasant one.  You and your staff are certainly professional and helpful. I will recommend The Healthy Smile Center.

Ann G.

I just have to say.  You are all amazing! I brag about you guys to everyone I know.  I've been in there several times crying (because I'm afraid of going to the dentist) & every time the staff has been so sweet and compassionate to me. :)  Every single employee there is so nice! Thank you for being so awesome!

Mary Ann L.

My name is Yvonne, I was referred to Dr. John Hoza at The Healthy Smile Center by a dear friend, approximately 4   years ago and this was the best move I ever made.  The moment I walked in the doors, I was greeted with smiling faces from all the women at the front desk.  They're professional, organized, and so pleasant to talk to.  My experience with Dr. Hoza and his staff was/is AWESOME!   It began with a check-up, x-rays, braces, root canal, a crown, a partial, and numerous deep cleanings.  This was all done professionally and with great people skills. My husband was so impressed with the work and the experience I'm going through at this facility, he left his dentist of many years and became another one of Dr.  Hoza's patients.  Matter of fact, I think I'll have to make up a few reasons to return once a month just to see and keep up with my new friends and their families.  LOL I'd like to give a special shout-out to: Cindy, Katie, Sheena, and Yvonne.  Thank you all for a marvelous experience.


I have been coming to the Healthy Smile Center for several years and I can tell you who is the best dental office ever.
Dr. Hoza and his staff are wonderful. Dr. Hoza has done a lot of dental work for me.  Four hours in the chair one time and no pain, his assistant held my hand and spoke soothingly to me, knowing I was nervous no pain and beautiful dental work.  Today Dr. Hoza saw me as I had lost part of my tooth (they saw me right away). Had to pull my tooth; again, no pain.  What can I say, he is a wonderful dentist! Everyone at his office is wonderful, I would recommend his office to everyone!

Janet P.

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